Anonymous sent: DOnt u hate weekend nights when all the drunk sluts come demanding to use the bathroom when they are clearly a non paying customer

Honestly, I’ve never had that happen, but I can see how a bunch of drunkards coming in would be annoying!

The Customer's Always an A**hole: What I Say Vs. What I mean: Retail/GIF Edition


What I say:

“Hi! How are you!?”

What I mean:

Why are you here

What I say:

“Do you need help finding anything?”

What I mean:

Get better eyes

What I say:

“Are you having trouble finding a size?”

What I mean:

Stop fucking up the display

What I say:

“Oh, sure,…

The Customer's Always an A**hole: For those of you who still doubt that customers act like entitled assholes


Adult Video Store night manager, recently promoted and had the ultimate test last night: (contains details of an armed robbery if anyone is bothered by guns/violence)

We got robbed at gunpoint last night. It was horrible. Thirty minutes to close, someone comes in while I’m counting down and I…

It always gets worse. Oh my FUCKING God, people.

A sign that something’s really wrong…

Our store offers a 10% discount to seniors on Tuesdays. A lot of times customers will try to get that discount on other days saying we “should just give it [to them] “because [they] didn’t know it was only on Tuesdays.”

If someone is exchanging something that they bought with the discount, unless the item is exactly the same (ie, same SKU number) it’s considered a different item and if it isn’t CURRENTLY Tuesday, they can’t get the discount on the new item. 

A customer today made a scene about a FIFTY. CENT. DISCOUNT. on her stupid bra. Jesus Christ, lady. 

alicethedreamer sent: Just wanted to say I can relate to this so well. It's hilarious!

Well as sorry as I am to know that someone else goes through this too, thanks for letting me know I’m not alone! lol I try to put a funny light on it. :)

Guess who has 2 thumbs and is getting away from customers?!

After all this time feeling completely stuck and downright miserable in my retail job, the end is finally in sight. I never thought it would happen! After the next five shifts, I will no longer be a public toilet for all of Northern California to shit on and otherwise dehumanize! I spoke to my boss tonight, asking him to transfer me to receiving and he said yes.